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So I am moving a Mediawiki site of mine to a new server.

The version 1.20.3 worked fine on the old server running Ubuntu 12.04. Ran maintenance/and copied all my extensions, images, uploads, skins, logos, and Local files from 1.20.3 to 1.24.2. title=Main_Page but does not when I use or (which redirects to

A list of the domain names of Wiki Spam URLs seen on various wikis: You may wish to block links to these domains on any wikis for which you are an administrator, in addition to the domains listed at the above links.

Often times, spammers use anonymous proxy servers, see for a list of the IP addresses of many of those that you may wish to block. * .6 #websitedesignpromotion,bahraichfun,thewebbrains,overseaspharmacy,ceramic-mugs,governmentgrants,justsweatshirts,tmlawoffices,... * 213.2 #Posted links to medica center * 193.1 * 1.81 * 217.2 #responsible for pythoninfo/css-stuff/apache-stuff * #responsible for test5.5p * pool-141-155-130-10.ny5030#responsible for a-z-how-to,, * 216-160-120-49#responsible for states.hostrocket * h26n1fls303o1052.#responsible for etrafik & * 24-193-28-175#responsible for sew-roman-shades, pop-the-question, organize-your-life * ppp-2.91mum2#Wholesale Handbags and Cypress industries * 2.5 #* .130, 2.115 #vandalized entire #python, thinkithinki, meatball, and lee's wikis * 222.1 #put texas holdem online poker links on wikis all over the web * #* #( responsible for tveasy, clubducati, vigoans, grandads...

title=Special: New Pages&feed=rss [QSA, L] Rewrite Rule ^/do/([a-z]*)/(.*)$ /var/www/html/CTP/mediawiki-1.24.2/index.php? "/favicon.ico"; # Don't allow the site to be iframed $wg Break Frames = TRUE; # Add rel="no follow" to all links $wg No Follow Links = TRUE; // TRUE by default as of 04/11/13 but just in case # Exceptions to the default rel="no follow" rule $wg No Follow Domain Exceptions = array(...

My .htaccess is a mess at this point but here it is: # Turn on mod_rewrite Rewrite Engine On # Virtual path to Rewrite Rule ^/? Conversely, if you go to # it sends an permanent external redirection to Browse through our content, adult chat image exchange, free easy adult chat rooms, free webcam sexchat , and find that lustful girl you always wanted to fuck! Browse now through our content and hook up with some really amazing girl tonight! Browse now through our categories-free adult chat stories, adult webcam free time, adult singles dating keokuk iowa-and hook up with a perfect slut! I found a dozen of chicks willing to have sex just for fun!#php_admin_flag engine off # If you've other scripting languages, disable them too.# Ignore .htaccess files Allow Override None # Serve HTML as plaintext, don't execute SHTML Add Type text/plain .shtml # Don't run arbitrary PHP code.

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