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Ultimately, Van Wilder was set up (or framed) by Gwen's jealous boyfriend and expelled (but saved during an appeal allowing him to graduate).Earlier, Van Wilder had advised Taj on his "foolproof plan" of sexual technique: "All you need are the three fundamentals: scented candles, massage oil, and Barry White" - although Taj's "hot" date with pretty blonde Naomi (Ivana Bozilovic) ("That's 'I moan' backwards") proved disastrous.At another point to punish her, while she was bent over, he commanded her to remove her pantyhose and panties and then masturbated onto her buttocks from behind her.He threatened to fire her (with his own growing feelings of disgust and shame) - and eventually she was terminated.She was swimming with equally unclothed Melissa (Meredith Ostorm) who was wearing a shell necklace.: sequels (from 2005-2009).All of these entries were noted for strong sexual content, gross humor (masturbation, excrement, vomit, bestiality and breast jokes), and foul language, following a familiar pattern of rowdy hijinks, offensive stereotypes, topless nudity, and raunch.'s Otter (Tim Matheson) refused to pay another ,000 tuition bill), Van Wilder sought Indian personal assistant Taj (Kal Penn) to help him and then recruited strippers to be "topless tutors." He also hired himself out as a "party liaison" (with his "undeniable ability to throw one hell of a party," and his belief: "Sex sells").Cast members Cameron Monaghan, Jesse Bradford, Zach Roerig, Nicholas Braun, and Melissa Bolona stepped out for the premiere.

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Edward Grey (James Spader) in a kinky sado-masochistic, power relationship.

premiere on Friday night (June 16) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Madelyn wrote and starred in the movie with sister Zoey Deutch and their mom Lea, while Lea also directed the film.

" They both felt "on fire" and were "burning up" - it was because Taj's back was literally up in flames.

One of the more detestable scenes was the collection of canine semen (from a dog with an enlarged scrotum) to be consumed in creme-filled pastries.

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