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I walk into the family room and pop the DVD into the DVD player. "I can't believe you." I scoff while he's still holding me up in the air, crookedly. He puts me down and I take some popcorn and stuff it I my mouth. "Dad, don't ruin the moment." I say, shushing him. "That didn't end well, but he's always had a girlfriend. "Dad, I didn't have any friends until a month ago. " No, I was just in here making out with my girlfriend, Carolyn. I don't need a boyfriend to make me happy." I say kindly. "But I got this gun," I look up at him with concern. When my mom works on a book, she likes to have experience with the object she's talking about. I'm sure they'll be pissing their pants when you say her name." I pat his hand. "The whole conversation, but be quiet or you'll ruin the moment." She laughs softly.

No light whatsoever, Miss scaredy cat." He smiles at me. He sits next to me and presses play on the remote and we begin watching Halloween: H2O. " My dad screams as he picks me up and shields himself from Michael Myers. "You were using me as a shield against Michael." I chuckle. I was protecting the- uh children from- something." he stutters. Anyone who you've "got the hots for" as your mother says? "Dad, your making Daddy/daughter time very uncomfortable." I scoot away from him. "I was just wondering because, your brother has already had 4 relationships-" "That didn't end well." I point out. "I know a lot of guys who would love to have a girl like you." He says, playing with my hair. "Heard your muffled scream, thought you might need this." He hands me one on a saucer. I just want you to be happy." He says in a softer voice. The best years of my life are being spent with some of the most funny, brave, and outrageous people that I am happy to have in my life. "Oops, guess I didn't." She says, not breaking the hug.

Her admiration was short lived as she pressed her needy mouth against the firmness of his thickening erection once more.

It such a sweet sensation that drove her pussy mad with want.

His cock lay dormant just a few inches from her face now, and she just couldn't resist nuzzling her face against it.Staff Notice: This is an inactive personal and the starter hasn't visited our community in over a month.You are unlikely to get a response from them and responding to this personal is not recommended.He had been working for several hours straight, and the girl knew with his workaholic tendencies he was just getting started.She sighed as his fingers continued to tap away at the keyboard, but she knew he had an important job and was proud of his commitment.

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