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The final straw comes when VJ drinks some left-over alcohol while Dan falls asleep while watching him.VJ is rushed to hospital and Leah is furious but he recovers and Leah eventually forgives Dan and they reconcile.Miles tries to help VJ but it backfires when Miles is charged with assaulting VJ's bully, Riley Radcliffe (Tani Edgecombe), and problems escalate.After a newspaper article portrays Miles in a bad light, VJ angrily confronts Riley and throws his bag into the sea.Of the new actor, Nicodemou explained "We've got a new bloke, Matt, who's started in the role. I think he's going to be really, really popular as well." The actress added that VJ would be all grown up when he returns, as the producers wanted him to look older.On 31 August 2014, it was confirmed that Matthew Little had taken over the role.In May 2014, Nicodemou confirmed that the character had been recast once again.Dean finished filming earlier in the year, while VJ went off-screen for a while.

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VJ befriends Lily Smith (Charlie Rose Maclennan), who was born on the same day as him and they engineer a plan to sneak off to Africa to see Elijah.

In spite of Ryan's behaviour, Leah and Dan marry and VJ gains a new father figure and stepbrother.

Early into Leah and Dan's marriage, there is disharmony when Dan gets into debt through gambling and VJ's life is threatened by Dan's creditors.

Vinnie Patterson (Father, deceased) Leah Patterson-Baker(mother) Dan Baker(ex-stepfather, deceased) Zac Mac Guire(ex-stepfather) Ethan Mc Guire(step uncle) Oscar Mc Guire(step cousin)) Evelyn Mc Guire(step cousin) Denny Miller (step cousin) Luc Patterson (legal daughter, stepdaughter) Martin Ashford (brother-in-law) Patrick Stanwood (brother-in-law, Billie Ashford (wife, deceased) Carlo Teodorowych (2001)Jack Monger (2001)Max Theoharis (2001)Marcus Spinetti (2001)Jack Riddle (2001)Harry Roberts (2001)James Roberts (2001)Nicholas Stevens (2001)Cameron Stevens (2001)Cooper Scott (2001)Felix Dean (2007-14)Matt Little (2014-present) Vincent Alexandros "VJ" Patterson is the only son of Leah Patterson-Baker and Vinnie Patterson. He's also the legal father of Luc Patterson and widower of her mother Billie Ashford.

He's also the step cousin of Denny Miller, Oscar Mac Guire and Evelyn Mc Guire.

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