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Disclaimer: The following information relating to marriage requirements of specific foreign countries is provided for general information only and may not be accurate in a particular case. Although marriage statutes in the United States vary from state to state, a marriage performed in France under French law is generally recognized as valid throughout the United States.

Questions involving interpretations of specific foreign laws should be addressed to foreign attorneys or foreign government officials. military Personnel wishing to marry in France should contact the Legal Officer of the Defense Attaché's Office at the American Embassy in Paris (tel. American diplomatic and consular officers do not have legal authority to perform marriages.

The first publication of the banns can be made only at the end of thirty (30) days of residence in France by one party to the marriage.

Only in very exceptional cases can this requirement be waived by a French authority (the Procureur de la Republique for the district in which the marriage will take place).

The affidavit should be executed before an American Consular officer in France. Most French authorities will accept the American birth certificate accompanied by the Affidavit of Marital Status.

However, in the event that a French translation of the birth certificate is also required, you must obtain the translation from a sworn translator (traducteur assermente).

It is recommended that the parties consult with the Bureau des Mariages (Marriage Bureau) at the mairie as soon as possible to discuss documentary requirements, marriage announcements, etc.

Individuals coming directly from the United States can be medically examined in the United States by a physician approved by the local French Consulate (usually, a list of such physicians is furnished by the Consulate).The US Embassy does not provide translation service. marriage laws, certifying that the American citizen is free to contract marriage in France, that the marriage will be recognized in the United States, and that the publication of marriage announcements (banns) are not required by state or federal law.Affidavit of Law (Certificat de Coutume) While not required by law, most mairies may request an Affidavit of Law (Certificat de Coutume) in addition to the Affidavit of Marital Status. Only an attorney licensed to practice in both France and the United States may execute this document.However, it should be noted that authorities in France require that the original certificate be in the French language or that an official translation notarized by a French consul in the United States be submitted with the certificate in English.The two-month limitation of validity also applies in such a case.

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