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What was more influential, the blues or hip hop music?

GL: (Laughing) I would say that there were two sides of me.

Then a buddy asked if I wanted to have a show, and I was like, sure. She's lucky she didn't kill anybody because I'm sure she didn't look.

So I started to make these art chairs and sold some, and most recently I've been painting these huge backdrops in a big warehouse. I read that one of your earliest influences was The Beatles. Love got to meet John Lennon, what would be the first question that you would have asked him?

I always say, if you learned your rock & roll from Led Zeppelin or you learned your blues from Stevie Ray Vaughan, you're kind of missing the boat on where they learned it from. We had a seven-day session, so on the first day we cut with David and he played some crazy guitar solos.

The reason rock & roll came about was because people were just pushing the blues. We were rooted heavy in the blues, and then we came up with this sound on the new record. He has a great flavor and a deep pocket and he's just one of those guys who knows what to play, and what not to play and its technical enough to say, what the fuck was that, but also rootsy enough that it just feels natural. Then we had Ozomatli come in and we cut a track live with them. Certainly in the late 90's and early 2000's, we had our own studio in Philly, and we could take our time with our records. One, how did that come to be, and two, do you collect art, and if so, what are you drawn to most?

I caught up with G fresh off his recent tour to talk about his career, his appreciation for the arts, and his newest CD A Philly boy in Boston. I moved up here to be a street musician because it was legal. Then the years went by and on a day off, we were staying at that Holiday Inn near Fenway and my drummer goes, "hey, you want to go see my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriends band?

The musical side, I was just doin' it alone, but when you're hanging out with your friends, as a teenager in Philly, everybody went from like basketball and break dancing when you were in 8th grade, to skateboarding and writing graffiti, and then smoking weed , then everybody was starting to DJ and get into music. When did you start to realize that you had a signature sound or style? There was this one night I was out on 2nd and Lombard in Philly and I had been playing out on the street all day on a Friday night in the summer of '92. This particular night I made about 60 bucks, a joint and a couple of cigarettes and a beer and I was feeling loose. I was never a courier, but that was my thing back then, writing about scenes of the city. Can you elaborate on how important hustling is for a musician trying to come up in the industry? Just because the fact that you'll see so many talented musicians, some people made it out, and some people didn't.I'm also playing the harmonica, not just breathing; I'm really trying to play it.Now the flip side was, I'm a teenager in Philly, an East Coast city, right when hip hop was exploding.I would always take my gig money from playing the shows down there and I would take that cash and buy some art. And she says, you might want to come back right now because I just threw your guitars out the window. My touring J-45 that was on loan from Gibson and luckily the other guitar case was empty. In the guitar case the middle part was full of harmonicas so when she threw the case out it basically went nose first because it was top heavy and hit the ground and it buckled out.I've been doing hand-drawn set lists for a few years, and now that's become a thing. The damage wasn't that bad and I was able to get it fixed and it's the one I have on the road now that I do all of my acoustic gigs with.

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