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And, come to think of it, that probably helps to keep their love going strong, so well done, you two.Hudgens and Butler started dating in 2011 and are still totally solid.As you most likely guessed, we have the lovely people of Disney Channel for bringing these two together.Zac explained to audition went and that it was the moment he was paired with Vanessa that changed everything. And we walked in, and [director] Kenny Ortega was there with a piano, and they put everybody in a room together, and we ran through different phases of what we would need to do -- first dancing, then singing -- and a few of us got tapped on the shoulder [to leave], and I didn't.Vanessa and Austin were seen walking the streets of L. on Wednesday (May 31) and we have all the photos here.Make sure to see the last time that the longtime couple was photographed together, which was all the way back in December.September 2011 - Present Vanessa Hudgens was rumored to be dating Disney star Austin Butler in September 2011.

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Are Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler still together?

All sources point to yes, though they do manage to keep their relationship fairly low-key.

It has been months since Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have been spotted together in public and we’re so happy to see them together again!

Austin has been away for most of the year filming the second season of his series in New Zealand, but he just wrapped the shoot and he’s back in Los Angeles!

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