Dating maryland

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Bach -Cake is my favorite food -Snow falling makes me happy -Prosecco is my favorite drink -I swear like a sailor, never saw a reason to stop.

Take blue eyed blonde built for comfort not for speed.

Looking to meet interesting people for chats and socializing.

In my free time I enjoy reading, dancing, spending time with friends, and annoying my dogs. I do a lot of volunteering for rescues in the area and I am also in the veterinary field, I love women who love animals.

I am a girl of many thoughts, I talk less with people I don’t know much but will endlessly chat with you if you'll be one captivated me with your sweetness and sense full way of bringing up conversation…friends…they are my treasure…precious than material things Hi there. From baltimore/towson, Baltimore, Maryland, United States Here for Dates, A relationship, New friends, Friendship with other couples, Casual encounters, Chats, Networking orginal from germany and pretty new in the states - sometimes feeling a bit lonely - sometimes a bit homesick - but have great time here - i love to play my violine - love cats and horses oh yes and books books books i love the furioso women - I am So i'm in a time of my life or I could've grown and live in different states for jobs so I'm alone and I like to find some friends to see what happens I get Jewish time on my hands I am I'm in thinking about planning I can say just a few things about myself. friends say there is a beast in me that makes me so wild and very protective to my friends and love ones around me .

I´m looking to make some new friends and find some fun people like me to chat with. i am a woman who lives life without regret 20 year old, Bisexual, Single. I love music, good food, and art (poetry, painting, dance etc). I simply love for a woman I am funny, active, romantic, generous and sincere person. I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends, people that I care about are always welcome in my house. In the morning possibilities are endless with all the fresh ideas at the beginning of a new day.

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