Dating minor

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Minor leaguers are usually at the field from early in the afternoon until midnight, which doesn’t leave much time to meet anyone in the traditional ways.

When we’re not at the field we’re often on a bus, so being able to reach out via my phone is a must.

(Yes, I’m admitting on my blog to using dating apps — sorry, Mom).

After I matched with someone — let’s call her Jessie — she immediately called me a liar. On a more serious note, maintaining a social life and dating is not particularly easy for a minor league baseball player.When it comes to the subject of guys dating under age girls, no one knows exactly what to say.People are going to date whoever they want and no one will be able to stop them.Well this is a 25 year old guy who is dating an underage girl.What business does he have dating a girl so young at his age?

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