Djimon hounsou dating

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With a tough name to call, he has said in his interviews that the pronunciation is often incorrect but he doesn’t mind it much these days. He is about a 185 cm tall, which is a couple inches more than 6 feet, a very good height.His last recorded weight was 84 kg, which is not bad for someone his age and height.Although never married, their living relationship came to an end in 2012, after they separated in the November of that year.

Although the news wasn’t solid, they were seen together on some occasions.So it was then that Djimon took a career in modelling and soon was established as a fashion model in Paris.After he got established there and earned some money as well, he moved to the United States of America.A strongly built man, Djimon started to work out regularly after he started to prepare for his modelling career, which is during his later teen age.Since then he has been going to the gym, has a good shaped body and is also very health conscious.

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