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For years the College of Business required a full-blown analytical report bound with special parts.

Now, our department is trying a memo analytical report with the essential elements kept.

Also, you may find deletions and additions to the assignments and the coverage in class.

Please note the Syllabus purchased in the Bookstore is much more complete than the Web with special examples and special exercises.

In addition, for others visiting this home page, they may find hints that will help them in writing reports, memos, presentations, and letters.

A college classroom is a place for learning, not expressing doubts about the requirements for etiquette.Those assignments will include letters, memos, parts, presentations, and out-of-class exercises.Please check this link for weekly assignments and any hints to help you prepare for these assignments. Remember that the most recent additions to the weekly assignments are on the Internet.You should not depend exclusively on the Web for your syllabus for this class.You will notice the grading standards in the purchased syllabus.

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