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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters written here. If you haven't read Co G yet, you should NOT read this fan-fic. " Clary shouted, hoping that all the others inside Magnus's house wouldn't hear their argument. " "Clary, I'm sorry, I just —" "Look, Jace," Clary said quietly, but her voice was deathly cold and sharper than a seraph blade. I thought nothing could keep us apart, that we'd been through all obstacles ever imaginable.All work for these brilliantly-made characters goes to Cassandra Clare. If you do criticize, however, (which is absolutely fine) please be constructive about it. But I guess not." "Clary, I do love you." Jace went to reach for her hand, but Clary pulled away. " "I'm trying to figure that out myself," Clary said miserably. I don't want to be around anyone at the moment." "You want me to go with you? "It's raining, and you should stay here." "At least let me call you a taxi," Izzy protested. I just want to be alone with my thoughts, clear my head.There was no thought that they were family anymore, nothing related to Valentine or the Mortal Instruments could really bother them for the time being. Finally, she had stumbled upon both Jace and a girl (perhaps a faerie? Clary wondered what was going through Jace's head when he kissed the faerie. She didn't know which was worse: to be remembered and have him kiss the faerie anyway, or to be forgotten entirely by the boy she loved more than anything else in the world?Clary hadn't been sure) kissing passionately against a living room wall. Clary's feet didn't make a noise as she walked, but she still heard the footsteps of someone — or, rather, something — making noise behind her.It's going to be an interesting year for actor Kevin Zeger and his wife Jaime Feld.The couple revealed last night that they were awaiting a new arrival in the form of two twin girls.Helaina was born in Venhuizen, the daughter of Theodorus Rinkel and Anna Maria Strooper.Kevin’s maternal grandfather was Adrian “Andy” Veldman (the son of Franciscus Gerardus Joannes Veldman and Maria Hoes).

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That's all there is to it." "Please, Clary, just listen to me." But Clary's back was turned, and she was already walking towards the door.

Franciscus was born in Duiven, the son of Petrus Bernardus Veldman and Theodora Johanna Reijmer.

Maria was born in Ewijk, the daughter of Adrianus Johannes Hoes and Elisabeth Johanna van Kesteren.

The moment the faerie had seen Clary, she had scampered off rather quickly, leaving both Jace and Clary alone in the room where Clary had broken up with him. " she heard someone call, and she almost hoped it was Jace. " Izzy asked her, but then, getting a closer look, asked, "Are you okay? " "Don't talk to me about Jace." "What happened? " Clary just looked away from her, blinking back tears. She got a sinking feeling in her stomach as she turned down an alleyway, hoping to get away from whomever this was.

Now Clary was just trying to get out of this party without letting everyone see her cry, but it was proving to be extremely difficult. After all they had gone through, after she had him brought back from the, he could kiss another girl just like that? She shouldn't, of course — they weren't together anymore — but in her heart she knew she wanted it to be him calling her after her. Her pace quickened, but suddenly she felt something slash her wrist. It looked like some sort of scorpion-monkey thing, but Clary knew it was a demon automatically.

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