Potentiometer code dating

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In the photos you can see the beta version, using an old tube tester as socket panel, Bluetooth connection and a vintage computer.This solution is very prone to oscillations, as i have watched when testing some EL84 and EL34.Fr weitere Rhrensockel werde ich in einem separaten Gehuse unterbringen. Mit freundlichen Grssen aus der Schweiz Eric Kunz 6th of August 2017, Freddy Utschs u Tracer is working and he sent be some pictures of a typical first Beta test! After the little problem with the USB rs232 Converter(now I go directly to RS232 on my Systemboard) it works really great. On the front the power and the anode voltage LEDs are located.For the different tube types I have built adapters to plug on the top in the banana connectors (you can see that for the EL156 tube).

Habe auch ein kleinspannungsnetzteil eingebaut fr Heizspannungen unter 5 Volt. And very good documentation how to calibrate the built circuit. I built the electronics in a relatively small housing. The switch on the back is for changing the heating from internal to external.

So it has taken a mere 3 years in all to complete the project but on the plus side I had plenty of time to decide on the layout I wanted.

I would have liked to use a thumbwheel selector switch similar to a Avo VCM, which I'm used to, but I wasn't happy with the ones that were readily available so I decided on this layout of sockets.

Thanks again for designing the wonderful u Tracer which is going to be extremely useful, All the best Max 2nd of October 2017, Mototaro Itano from Japan made a beautiful case for his u Tracer! Dear Mr Ronald and Ms Marie-Jos I am writing this email to inform you that u Tracer 3 kit has been completed.

That could be made easily thanks to detailed production manual.

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