Say we have nothing in common dating

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Yo Chase, I think you should make an article about un sexy friendly guy traits.

Like how you mention not to hug because it’s platonic, sending girls pictures/asking, laughing or smiling to much and a few other things guys might not know what they’re doing that are very hard to detect.

Perhaps you need to be with someone who believes essentially the same things you do when it comes to your religion or spirituality.

That way neither of you feels overwhelmed at the thought of having to “process” together for more than a little while. In the first list, name all of the similarities that exist between you.

In what areas of your relationship would you at least consider allowing for a lack of complete compatibility?

Again, this might have to do with beliefs and values.

Whatever you include on this list, the point is that you put down the areas of your relationship where it is not all right for you two to be very different.

What are my SEMI-NEGOTIABLES when it comes to Compatibility?

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