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“I say ‘Bond lady,’ ‘Bond woman.'” praised Bellucci’s performance in “Spectre,” lamenting that she had been “underused” in her role as Lucia Sciarra, the widow of an infamous Italian assassin.Other critics have also said that Bellucci was not given enough screen time in the film.She pouts and writhes, and the circle of men surrounding her gasp in naked admiration - even the gay ones.Frankly, I am feeling distinctly de trop as I edge my way into the studio.I'm sure La bella Bellucci doesn't mean to intimidate other women, but even Kate Moss would feel insecure in her presence.She exudes grown-up, old-fashioned glamour, the kind you need to have been born with.Craig, the second-longest-serving 007 after the late Roger Moore, announced in August that he would be playing the iconic role for a fifth time, despite saying earlier that he did not want to make another Bond film.

(In The Brothers Grimm, for instance, she played the Mirror Queen, a 500-year-old woman, with the aid of some serious prosthetics.) 'I'm looking for the dark side of human beings,' she says. 'But I'd be bored just doing nice comedies in which you always play the same role.' Monica was born and brought up an only child in the small provincial town of Città di Castello in Umbria.'For them, I was just another model who wanted to be an actress.' It was only when she left for France that her career took off.She won the role of Lisa in the stylish arthouse hit L'Apartement and bagged herself a César (Best Supporting Actress).And I think that's very 'ealthy.' It is a source of some annoyance to Monica that many directors haven't been able to make that distinction.In fact, she believes her luscious looks have hindered her acting career. In the beginning, people didn't take me seriously,' she complains.

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