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This is the typical progressive argument: people aren’t scarred by immoral actions; they’re just scarred by societal attitudes.

Children who are molested by pedophiles don’t live a life of pain because of the abuse.

Upon the premise that children are not harmed by molesters, Nickerson pushes his agenda even further and claims that children need to be taught about sex by pedophiles.

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Children do seem to know intuitively when one of us is around, and all that pint-up curiosity about sex and adult bodies and romance manifests when we’re around, sometimes rather quickly and persistently (as was the case with J.)Which is why I have stressed time and again that I believe it is imperitave to allow the CHILD to take the lead.After all, no responsible parent would wait until a child was eighteen to broach the subject. This is why, when people say things like, “How can pedos be a good judge of my child’s readiness for sex?” I find such statements or questions to be ironic at best.Over the years, Nickerson has written quite a bit about pedophilia online under the username Markaba 2.0.He has never hidden behind internet anonymity, having identified himself by his full name on the forum.

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