Who is raz b dating

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I always thank God I never had a serious addiction like the Weezy's [Lil Wayne] and the Breezy's [Chris Brown]."The former singer added: "What type of man hits a woman?

A man that does not honor womanhood or the fragility of it. "Brown later deleted the tweets, but they had already been retweeted and screencapped by fans.

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"My mother's brother's daughter's son" — he still assisted Thornton and his brother after the B2K split, through financial support.

The singer said Stokes has been a father figure to him and the group, and that his manager never engaged in any activity unbefitting to a minor.

"With something of this magnitude, you always look at what the best time is [to talk about it,] and he felt compelled ... "[He was saying,] 'I'm tired, this is my story.' It's something that's spiritual, and God says now is the time." Omarion also issued a statement on Wednesday, in which he defended Stokes against the allegations.

I can't speak for everybody, but if you want my personal opinion, I think he did (touch all the other group members)." Raz-B claims the molestation began when he was 11 or 12 years old, when Ricardo was in another Stokes-managed group before Marques Houston got involved with the TUG management team.

He tells Danielle Houston that he came out with the allegations now because Ricardo got so upset when he heard about the alleged molestation that Raz-B thinks his older sibling might be suicidal or possibly about to do something drastic.

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