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I have not heard of a swing barn but I have heard of a swing beam.

They aren't all that common, but I wouldn't say they are rare.

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In our region there is always a smaller parallel timber ~3’ above the lower beam which is attached by 2 or 3 peged studs.

Particularly in some cases where the span is not wide enough to turn a tractor, and or there are supports for the swing beam.

We are sorry if you are out of that shipping area, we are working on solutions for you that would include, hardware packages, templates for cutting your own timbers, lists of local timber suppliers, lists of local contractors, etc.

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I would certainly call the swing beam rare and a treasure, however in saying that, we have been unable to garner a price increase for such a gem in comparison to regular, straight beams.

The Timber Framing Guild ( is always studying these structures.

Our full barn kits are only available within a limited shipping area.

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