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My last article received an overwhelming response from readers who sought my advice for their individual situations.

More than happy to comply, I have attempted to help many people deal with their individual jealousy problems.

↑ Back to Top ↑ If you feel like you conquered jealousy, but then feel it slowly coming back, then that means you have not dealt with all of your jealousy issues.

You may have made a temporary solution, but there is clearly at least one more issue.

Very simply, from what I have seen, jealousy stems from a type of greed and insecurity.

The greed comes from wanting your partner to be “yours” and only yours. The insecurity stems from fear of being compared, fear of losing your partner, fear of not being good enough for your partner, and more.

Meaning, there is nothing odd about casual sexual relationships. Once you figure out what is influencing your jealousy, you can figure out how to deal with it. Do not accuse them of anything, and be sure to use personal pronouns (such as ‘I’ or ‘me’) to explain how you feel rather then pointing the finger at them (using words such as ‘you’).

It is much harder to deal with and can end relationships.A few months ago I wrote article about my past struggles with jealousy problems in my relationship.My motive was to share my story in an effort to spare other people the pain that is associated with jealousy.Try to explain to them what exactly is bothering you. If you bottle them up, eventually they’ll come out in a much more negative way. Give them a chance to understand you, and then you must give them a chance to explain themselves.↑ Back to Top ↑ Determine what exactly is bothering you. It is now their turn to make you understand what the context of the situation was, what happened, and how it made them feel.

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