Length time dating before marriage

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However much people disagree about it, when dating or just engaged, there is the feeling that they can easily walk away from the relationship but the change in the laws over the years means that it is not as easy as they think.

It is possible that the person you are involved with is going through a divorce.It’s a tricky question, knowing when it’s the perfect time to get engaged.When you announce your engagement to the world, the goal is for people to be happy and excited, rather than thinking ‘about bloody time, it’s been literally decades’, or, even worse, ‘Wait, who’s the bloke holding the ring box in the photo?At one time living together was seen as a bit risqu and not the sort of thing most people did, but over the last 20 to 30 years it has become more acceptable.Even when there are children involved they are quite often given the fathers name.

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