Updating active directory to r2

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The authorized user uses a simple search interface to locate users and edit those users.

The authorized user can then double-click on a selected user and edit the properties of that user.

And, if you run in to problems and have a question, we will give you the same great support we give our customers.

If you choose to buy the product, you keep your customized configuration; using the Configuration wizard to convert from evaluation to licensed by entering your organization name and license key.

Note quite ready to download the evaluation and install it yourself? You can still see Directory Update in action on our "live" demo page.

This is a test Active Directory with a test set of data.

updating active directory to r2-70

updating active directory to r2-62

Directory Manager does not require any version of Microsoft Exchange Server.

We can use some attributes that are provided by the Exchange Server “schema” prep forest.

To use attributes such as the extension attributes (aka custom attributes) we suggest you “prep” you forest with a minimum of Exchange Server 2003, but this is not necessary.

The administrator controls the fields/attributes that area available, the field types (drop-down or plain text), and the validation format Setup time for Directory Manager is quick, the interface is intuitive and easy for even the most non-technical user to master in a short time.

In less than an hour, you can have a web-based interface up and running for your human resources or secretaries and have them helping to keep the information in your Active Directory up-to-date.

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